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Trees are able to change Dimensions


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This is not a botanical page about trees,

ábut a page about dimension shifts done by trees.


Trees are living beings.

People talk with trees and hug.

Some therapies involve to sit backwards against a tree

áand feel the energy go through you.


Many trees live much longer then we do.

While they are developing and growing, they have all time.

Earth energies have a great influence upon trees.

Sometimes trees are feeling very unhappy, when the Earth energies are bad.

Sometimes a tree grows in an battled way, uneven, backing out.


Other trees have an enormous influence on their surroundings.

They make their own surroundings.

Those trees are influencing the dimensions and time scale.


Trees are encouraging all living beings around them to live and expand.

The forcefield of the trees is life supporting, life encouraging,

life sustaining and life inviting.


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Left: An enormous tree on the heather is influencing the area with its grows

with its positive energies.


A row of trees at the edge of the forest has power to change.

Groups of trees standing a little separated and rows of trees

are very powerful, especially at the edge of a forest.

Trees have a big influence on the Earth as a living planet.

Trees are determining the climate of the planet in large areas

by their forcefield of life energy.


Beschrijving: 20050929-R3415-bomenaanwater-300pix-100percBeschrijving: 20050929-R3365-300pix-struik-100perc

Left: Trees at the river edge are creating their own climate.


The big bush in the meadow is a blessing for all life in the area.

Trees have their powerfield to stimulate life.

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This picture is taken toward the South.

The photographer is standing North, looking South.

The shadows are coming from the East.

So the Sun is towards the East.


So the spot of energy high in the trees is not a ray of sunlight.


We checked it several times when we were making the picture.

The sunbeams come from the side.


The lens of the camera is clean.

These trees are emanating an energyfield.


Trees standing openly in rows at the edge of a field

áhave the power to change dimensions.

áSome species have the knowledge to use

these dimension changing powers.


Perhaps you call them faeries? Light bearers? Angels?

These species live in the dimension shift generated

by the group of trees.

Robert calls them tree-people

and had during many years direct contact with them.


We have no answers.

Robert has experienced dimensions changes

in these situations and

has had very positive experiences.


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Left: Trees standing at the open field are very powerful.

They are using the collective of trees to amplify their powerfields.


The century old tree in front of the palace is influencing the whole square.

We are sure that you know more examples of these important trees.


Beschrijving: 20060611-04351-kapel tussen twee bomen 550pix 100perc

Trees have taken this ancient road chapel in protection.

We measured this place as very holy (Tankenberg page).

Perhaps indicating the entrance into the terrain of an ancient Goddess temple.

The trees are supporting the chapel and protecting.

They know what they are supporting.


Beschrijving: 20070902-R02492-heede-500pix-100perc

The lime tree at Heede, Germany is officially about 1000 years old.

The Ley Line Group visited the tree and asked how old it is.

The clear answer of the tree was 1160 years.


The energies around this tree are so strong, that ley lines are not measurable.

It is clear that the tree has influenced the village of Heede in Germany

very much during the centuries.

The respect of the villagers for the tree is strong.

Families walk around the tree to bring respect.


Being in contact with the tree is a life bringing experience.

During the 14th and 15th century a castle was build around this tree.

The castle vanished again and the tree saw it all.



Beschrijving: 20060611-04344-tree-600pix-100perc

We all know examples of these very influential trees.

We should listen to them and try to understand why they are there.

The trees need our respect, because they are servants of the Goddess.

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