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Preface to

Ancient Christianity.

When I started my research on

the Ancient Roots of Christianity,

I had no idea how complex this subject is.

So many sources, so many factors to reckon with.

So much is distorted information,

so many books were distroyed on purpose.


Power groups have rewritten history,

because it brings them the power they are striving for.


Erasing history to prevent the return

of values and ancient ways of thinking

is very profitable for some power groups.

Christianity is a religion where torture and killing

has been seen as normal for a long time.

When church history is speaking about the killing

of the Albigenses or the Cathars or the so-called Witches, or the Eastern churches

no moral verdict is part of these lessons,

although a word of sorrow would be the minimum.


Even worse: the one million people who have been

tortured and burned and hanged, because they stayed in the ancient religion

of Western Europe during the 1400's and early 1500's.

Not a word of regret.


Even today the comment in many books and websites is,

that mainly elderly women were being burned,

as if it makes the crime less horrible.


As a young boy I bought the scientific book about the Gospel of Thomas.

This was perhaps the very first publication and translation in Dutch.

The commentator kept on repeating:

"these were all heretics with heretic views".

Ancient Christianity has the word "Ancient" in it.

The period of time called "Ancient" stretches over

a very long period of thousands of years.

In these webpages I make an estimate based

upon research that Ancient Christianity somewhere before

the Middle Kingdom started in ancient Egypt,

which means around 2050 BC.


Since then I also came to the conclusion that

the erasure of Ancient Christianity has been succesfull.

The end of the mainstream of Ancient Christianity

is to be dated somewhere in the 1500's.


So we are dealing with 4000 years of Ancient Christian history.


Long before there was a Jesus and New-Testament movement

there was a worldwide Christian religion in existence,

áand perhaps this original Christian religion is still out there.


Writing about the real history of Christianity

ádoes not mean, that I take a distance from Christianity.

I value Christianity very much.

I am educated in the Christian tradition with

three studies in Christian theology

of three very different branches of Christianity.

At Christmas Eve I go to mass, like many other believers.


But at the same time I am very much aware

áof the choices that have been made

by small fanatic power groups

with the purpose to overrule all other Christians.


Small groups of believers have destroyed

other groups of believers to make their point of view

the official dogma of the churches.


I am also aware that most certainly

I would have made other choices

and would have formulated other points of believe, when these Ancient Christians

were still there to explain their beliefs.

For example: the Goddess aspect of the one Invisible God

is of enormous importance for me personally.


When the knowledge of ancient times had been available,

including the testimonies of ancient believers,

the ancient books, the ancient voices,

áwe could have made our own choices.

The choices that have been made by power groups,

were forced upon everybody with the penalty of death

áfor those who refused to be manipulated

and who stayed in their Christian way

of believing as they saw it.

When more people will become aware

of the real nature and values of the belief

in the Saviour, risen from death,

ábringing repentent souls into eternal life,

born from Mother and Father,

maybe Christianity will be

áa more true inspiration for new generations.

In this website I offer some of my research results,

so you can share with me the amazing knowledge

of a Christian religion emerging from almost forgotten sources.

I am searching for ancient knowledge to bring back ancient choices of believe

Many modern authors and researchers are

bringing out books, so there is some guidance out there.

Many times I have to retrace my path of research,

ábecause the labyrinth ended unexpectedly.


Many authors are writing their books because they

want to do away with Christianity.

They want to prove that Christianity has been built

only upon lies and untrue stories.

This is not my point of view.

In these texts about Ancient Christianity

I distinguish between Ancient Christianity

which existed from 2050BC (and maybe earlier)

until about 1550AD and maybe until now

and Modern Christianity.

Modern Christianity needs no definition except perhaps

the statement that Modern Christianity came into existence

by the work of a small group of believers

who wrote the New Testament between 310 and 350AD

and used state power to emphasize their point of view.


Naming other groups "heretics" has an element

of propaganda, which I will not follow.


I also want to stay away from developments in which Modern Christianity

is used for racial arguments. To be more precise:

the miracle performing Jesus was very probably from Southern Egyptian origin,

and very probably in the same family line

as the Pygmee people from the South of Africa.

Racial arguments should absolutely not be part of any reasoning.


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ancient christianity

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