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Developing the New Spirituality:

Solstice and Equinox Rituals



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The Sun is the eternal sign of the Presence

of the One Eternal Invisible God,

who wants to be seen in the persons of Father Mother and Child.



Solstice and Equinox Rituals


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The holy wheel of the Sun


Date of coming Sun Rituals:


Western Europe



New York, Montreal









June 21








September 22







Feel the strong energies of our planet the Mother.


We are planning to bring the four rituals

as separate webpages:

Spring or Vernal Equinox

the Summer Solstice Ritual

Autumn Equinox

Winter Solstice


Read our Basic Explanation page

On the explanation page we clarify our basic ideas

about the new spirituality.


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Robert and Susan have a lot of experience in celebrating the Sun rituals.

This summer we were putting together all our results,

texts, emotions, feelings and spiritual feelings.

This table was one of the results of putting together our results.

Another result will be four new texts and liturgies for the celebrating

of the four Sun rituals.

We are thinking of publishing these texts in a handy booklet.


The Sun rituals of

the Northern Hemisphere

as Susan and Robert are experiencing these spiritual celebrations:














Sun phase:






Color of the sacred Place:






Sound in ceremony:








light and growth


eternal rebirth




turning point


turning point



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The Invisible, Unnameable highest Divinity

wants to reveal itself as Mother, Father, Child.


In The Full Moon Ritual this female aspect of God is honored in the Goddess.


In the Solstice Ritual and Equinox Ritual

this male aspect of the One and Invisible God

is honored in God the Father.


Finding new ways of celebrating the Sun Rituals

is a process of development and emotion and spiritual feeling.

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The Sun is the symbol of the Creator, the Bringer of Life,

the everywhere visual presence of the divinity.

Everybody is able to lift up hands towards the Sun.

Nobody is hindered in anyway to call up

towards the Sun and speak out loud prayers,

wishes, needs and praise.

That is why the Sun is the symbol of the One God.


So in the Solstice ritual we lift our hands

and express our wishes, longings, blessings.

Nobody can come between us and the Sun.

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The Christian church has performed prayers to the Sun

at least until the Renaissance,around the year 1500 AD.

On the Saint Peter Square in Vatican City

on special moments a prayer to the Sun was

as normal as the Angelus and other prayers.


The ancient Egyptian religion saw the Sun as

the symbol of the invisible god Amen,

which name Amen is mentioned in every Christian prayer.

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The symbol of God the Father is the Sun itself.

God the Father is invisible and infinite.

Omnipotent and he is Love itself.


So light is the main symbol, candles, a fire,

a nice sunny statue, a sun symbol.

Also Love symbols are very appropriate.


Incense is always an element.


A table cloth with Sun symbols.


A happy song, do you know one?

"You are my sunshine"

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Text to be used?


The Psalms in the Old Testament are all songs

to honor God the Father.

Many of the Psalms are also Sun hymns,

which makes them very usable.


parts of Psalm 19 or 97 or 139 or 121


Another starting point is could be found in

parts of

The Sun prayer by Saint Francis:


Most high, omnipotent, good Lord,

Praise, glory and honor and benediction all, are Yours.

To You alone do they belong, most High,

And there is no man fit to mention You.


Praise be to You, my Lord, with all Your creatures,

Especially to my worshipful brother Sun,

Who lights up the day, and through Him You give brightness;

And beautiful is He and radiant with great splendor;

Of You, most High, He is the Symbol.


Praised be my Lord, for sister moon and for the stars,

In heaven You has formed them clear and precious and fair.


Praised be my Lord for brother wind

And for the air and clouds and fair and every kind of weather,

By whom You givest to Your creatures nourishment.


Praised be my Lord for sister water,

who is greatly helpful and humble and precious and pure.


Praised be my Lord for brother fire,

By who You lightest up the dark.

And fair is he and bright and mighty and strong.


Praised be my Lord for our sister, mother earth,

who sustains and keeps us

And brings forth diverse fruits with grass and flowers bright.


Praised be my Lord for those who for Thy love forgive

And weakness bear tribulation.

Blessed those who shall in peace endure,

For by Thee, most High, shall they be crowned.


Praised be my Lord for our sister, the bodily death,

From whom no living man can flee.

Pity to them who die in mortal sin;

Blessed those who shall find themselves in Your most holy will,

For the second death shall do them no ill.


Praise you and bless you my Lord, and give Him thanks,

And be subject unto Him with great humility.

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Keep an eye on this page,

because Susan and Robert will develop

the Solstice Ritual and the Equinox Ritual further.

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You may e-mail:

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