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The New Testament Power Group

who wrote the New Testament

I am finding more and more material,

that indicates that the person or name of Paul

has been misused by the New Testament writers,

to give their ideas some authority,

because Paul was a preacher with authority.

Paul was a man deeply involved with ancient Christianity.

He took sides in the problem of marriage was to be allowed or not.

It is my opinion that he was in favor for marriage as a Way to God.

But he had nothing to do with the Power Groups of 300 years later

when the New Testament was edited and the Roman troops were sent out to destroy all

churches, books and people

who did not believe what they had to believe.



Who were leading this NT-group?

Why did they change history as they did?

Why was it so important for them,

that they killed and burned with the goal to erase the memory

of everybody before them or next to them?

This is not an attack on the Christian belief.

My statements are meant to call attention

to the many other choices and spiritualities

within Christian thinking, that do not exist anymore,

because of the work of some power group

that worked its way into the Christian religion.

I don not know who was behind this power group.

My opinion is that this power group is still in existence.

The line of Christian tradition does not start

with the Jesus movement, but is much older.

The roots of the very ancient and respectable religion

of the Hebrews and the roots of the respectable

religion of Christianity are only partially the same.


Christianity is not a "kind of follow-up"

of the Hebrew belief system. Both religions have existed next

to each other for a long time and this coexistence

gave both religions some roots in common.


While the Hebrews had a divers and travelling tribal history,

the early Christians remained mainly established

in ancient Egypt. It is not correct to see it as a dogma

that the Christian church started with Jesus Christ.

Centuries before the time of Jesus Christ the Christian religion

was emerging in areas of North-Egypt,

Lebanon-Syria, Ethiopia-Nubia-Punt-Yemen,

Jordan-Arabia-Punt, with the focus on ancient Egypt.


So the start of Christianity is not in the times

of Jesus, but much earlier. It is well known

that the New Testament was edited from 200 to 350 AD,

may be even mainly in the years 320 until 360AD.

This is much later then the original Jesus movement existed.

The Jesus movement was in existence around the year 30 until 34AD.


Many churches existed in that early time and some organizations

were present in every part of the ancient world.


Many holy books circulated around the world,

books from a diversity of backgrounds.

Both the religions of Orpheus (Eastern Europe)

and ancient Egypt (North Africa).

Initiations were being done and sacred meals were held.



Then some Power Group decides to start editing all the existant

books into a believe system favorable to them.

They edited the New Testament with the purpose of

wiping out all other Christian religious groups

with the help of the military forces of the Roman empire.


It is a fact that the New Testament has no scriptures

of most of the Apostles and not one scripture

of the female followers of the Jesus group.


The list of Apostles varies several times

in the divers books of the New Testament.

This is because the NT-group did not know

anymore who the Apostles were.


The number of 12 apostles is more symbolical then reality.

So is the number of 72 messengers sent out by Jesus.

An important number in the New Testament is 153.

This is the number of fishes in the net of the discipels.

A very interesting thought is that the number 153 is

connected with Maria Magdalene,

the female priest in the New Testament,

who was and is written out of the text by the power group.


The New Testament reflects the existence of many groups:

Mentioned are the Farizees; the followers of John the Baptist;

the followers of Apollos; the Simon Magus groups;

the Sadducees; the Herodian groups; the groups around Paul;

the groups of adherents to the temple of Jerusalem;

the believers from Ethiopia (who did sent a messenger

and were already in existence before that time).


Not mentioned in the New Testament are:

the Essenes;

the Syrian believers (Damascus is mentioned indeed);

the Arabian believers (Paulus stayed there for a long time);

the Egyptian believers (Jesus originated from there);

the Edessa church as the Eastern branch of ancient Christianity;

the Manichees is their world wide church organization;

the Hermetic groups from ancient Egypt, followers of Thoth;

the Orpheus groups with their ancient hymns and music;

the churches based on the Seth scriptures;


and many others.


Scriptures of all the other Apostles and the female followers

certainly were and are in existence,

but were excluded from the religion defined by the power groups.



In 362AD the Roman Empire became a Christian nation and the deadly

hunt started for the lives of all believers

who thought differently in their own ways.

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