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How old is the Old Testament?


Although the Old Testament has no direct importance

in connection to Ancient Christianity,

the question is certainly valid,

because the preaching of Western Christianity

gives the impression as if God has given

the Old Testament as a direct message

to though the ages of world history.

This is absolutely not true.


The history of the Old Testament is immensely

influenced by the time period 800-600 BC.

During that period two important things have happened.


1. The alphabet was invented.

The oral history of the Old Testament changed into

a written history of which we don't know much.

The first written down scriptures have been

edited by the Hebrew people returning from exile

in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Persia (Iran).

There they have met others male oriented religions,

which they gave the name of Jehovah.

On their return they altered the freshly written down sciptures

of the Baal and Baalat oriented female centured religion

into the well known Jehovah stories.


2. The Hindu (Aryan) tribes started to migrate

from the North of Persia, where they

lived for an immensely long time in peace.

To the East they conquered India and established

the fascinating Hindu religion,

where the female aspect of God is alive everywhere.

To the West they invaded a lot of known

areas, changing world history.

Not much is known about this major movement of nations,

but the years from 800 to 600 BC have been called

the Key Centuries of modern history.


Not only the Hebrew religion started

to write down their oral traditions.

Many other religions also started to write down

their holy books, which until that time were

only in an oral tradition.


The alphabet was spreading over the Earth.


So happened with the Hindu religion, the so-called

Veda's were written down.


In ancient Egypt the meaning of ancient hieroglyphs is lost

and demotic writing is the main way of communication.

The wave of Persians coming into ancient Egypt

is to be seen in connection with the upheaval

of that time.


The exiled Hebrew people returning to the homeland after being exiled

brought with them another religion,

which in their feeling was the real religion,

much better then the old one of Mozes, Aaron, Mirjam.


They believed in Jahweh, the jealous god,

declaring vengeance unto the third generation.


The old Moses-Aaron-Mirjam religion

with the holy cow, with the female goddess,

with the snake as a holy symbol,

with the Arc as a coffin of miracles,

was out, totally out.


The vengeance god Jahweh declared war

on the non-believers.


In about two generations everything of

the old Baal and Baalat religion was destroyed,

even the holy symbols of cow and snake.


All other temples of the old Hebrew religion were destroyed by force.

Even their existence was and is denied.


Only one temple for Jahweh, the new God from the exile.


This is why there is such a confusing mixture

of all kind of names of God in the scriptures.

The old religion was the Baal/Baalat religion.

Baal is only a title and means Lord.

Baalat was his female partner.

Baal and Baalat are not names.


The relation with the Hathor-Amen-Mut-Mhonsu roots

was completely erased.


In the later books of the Old Testament the destruction

of the holy snake of Moses is noted down

as a farewell to ancient times.

The snake on the cross has been a holy symbol kept inside the temple

for more then a thousand years.

But the new religion of Jahweh rejected

the ancient symbol and destroued it.


Is there still an oral tradition of faithful

believers of the original tradition of Mozes-Aaron--Mirjam?

Were the first written down scriptures

of the ancient religion somehow saved at some hidden place?


In my opinion there is a very ancient tradition

within the Islamic religion.

Important Islamic scholars soon after the revelation

of the holy Koran explained that God

had given a new message to the believers,

because the original holy writings

of the first revelation were lost.

They were pointing at the non reliability

of the Old Testament scriptures,

where the original revelations had been lost.


Is there in the same way also an ancient Christian tradition

with ancient knowledge somewhere surviving?


Many scriptures of the original Christians

áhave been destroyed and rewritten.


The Septuagint is such an ancient Christian tradition.

The Septuagint Old Testament is much older then

any of the known scriptures in Hebrew language,

even more ancient then any of the Dead Sea scrolls.


When we patiently study ancient religious history,

without being mind set by the propaganda and threat of religious groups,

maybe we will be able to retrace the ancient religion.


My opinion upon the history of the text of the Old Testament

has nothing to do with people,

who have their comfort in the Holy Book

or any other holy book.

This is not a statement about people

and their religion in the present time.

All I want to know is:

what has been lost and when it was still there in present day,

could this ancient knowledge inspire us now and here?

I only have an opinion about the history of the text.


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